Monday, 16 November 2009

Well its officially a Christmas countdown now...

as Ive seen the cola lorry advert (you know the one the holidays are coming)
Oh yes it will be here soon and have you got your Christmas list organised like a good mom or like me,I can see myself running round frantically like a headless chicken on Christmas Eve just so my son gets the one game that has sold out everywhere and will probably play once before trading it in on boxing day for the game he really wanted.
So that's a glimpse into my Christmas countdown

There is still time to get a few crafting gifts for friends though
and a free Tag punch for yourself
just spend £45 in the
Christmas Extravaganza Gift Giving Guide

Take a look and see
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Friday, 13 November 2009

Please, please, please......

In memory of Layton - Meningitis Search 4 a vaccine
Even if you dont craft a donation would be great for a worthy cause
check out
Jak's blog

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

News News News ......

Kids are back to school and all is a disaster zone here with computer's dying (again ) leaking pipes and general running round like a headless chicken to get things done but that's life I guess lol.

Some fabulous news though from Stampin Up
The Gift giving guide 0ffer is now available (in the side bar , have a snoop) there's some wonderful things included and if you spend £45 you get a free...... yes free tag punch.

I'm still looking for some people for my stampers 10 ( check out the offer in the side bar )

Jak my good friend and most talented designer will be on C&C on Sunday between 2-4 showing you all the flippin range
right I'm off to get the low down off tech guy about computer and with any luck I can play in shed and relax later here's hoping