Saturday, 30 January 2010

OMG ... yes its a card .........

if your wondering what I've been doing lately..... well its a long story
I have been making cards for friends and commissions,working,juggling life between school meetings and physio meetings and school meetings again. Next week is full of more meetings (when will they stop ) Oh and my TV blew up followed by the vac(which I managed to fix, the vac that is). I've been having a thorough sort out of my craft shed while its been freezing and
getting my mojo back while all the snow has melted.
Next week its more wedding invite stuff to do so in the meantime here's a lovely little hedgehog I thought I'd colour with my copics, the flowers were freebies from Jasmines-cards
I had to reinvest in a guillotine as mine was defunct (see another thing to break ) but I'm back up and running again now

arty farty angle oooh this is different

well come back soon I'm on a roll now so should have more for you to see.

It's Joshua's B'day tomorrow and wow I remembered to make him a card.
Should be a fun day if I know Josh.
: )


Rose said...

Such a wonderful set! I love this card, too - so cheery. I need to get busy! Keep on posting.

~ Ali ~ said...

This is fab so cute, love it.