Friday, 23 April 2010

I found an umpa lumpa in my cubby

Oh my hubby is going to kill me for this shot but I couldn't resist it.
He has set to work on the kitchen and decorating today after yesterdays shopping trip round DIY stores
How many shades of white can you get, then the one you want they don't do in kitchen and bathroom paint grrrr

No my kitchens not that small but we are starting in the cubby so I have somewhere else than my craft shed to store stuff.
Here's a shot of the new floor and appliances back in, well the cooker anyhow until we have decorated the fridge freezer is still in my living room handy for a drink or snack but not so when watching a film and the cooler sets in lol

OK tea break over I have a card to post later
(that's if Hubby hasn't painted me into the wall Oops)
: )


Jackie said...

looking good hun... the kitchen.. not old mans behind ! lol xx

Anonymous said...

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