Friday, 2 April 2010

Once its scone .......its scone ......

Okay so this is my first attempt in 15 years to make scones.
(the last ones could have broken windows at 50 yards)
I've always avoided making them preferring to buy them, then I cant get it wrong lol.My buddy Viv has a fool proof scone recipe so today I had another go and voila scones not hockey pucks as hubby refers them when I made them last.They are really tasty and light with jam and cream. Now all I have to do is make them without the fruit as the boys prefer them plain, fussy lot my family
so this is to say a


Samm said...

Ooooo yummy!!! x

Anonymous said...

W-hoo! Well done Bud - I'm proud of you! Perhaps slightly less time in the oven next time maybe? Don't be scared of taking them out a min or two earlier! You can also do cheese ones too which are equally as yummy! Viv xx

Anonymous said...

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