Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Sorry for being a bad blogger this week...

......but we have been making preparations for Aidan's Operation as well as working overtime ,fitting in parents day (what happened to the evening) and painting the kitchen.
Some of you may or may not know but Aidan our eldest son has cerebral palsy which luckily only affects his left leg and left arm slightly. Since knowing he has the condition Aidan has go through wearing casts on his leg for a few weeks at a time and splints along with electrodes to stimulate his leg.All to assist in his walking,however as he's grown physio and splints have not helped and his leg position has worsened and its now that the hospital surgeon will do something about it and give him surgery which hopefully will let him walk with a normal gait (like you or me).
The first of the preparations began this week to get him ready for his op in the summer and he is having to wear yet another a cast on his leg which will be replaced weekly and his ankle stretched. Its going to be a long process but one we hope worth it.
I managed to get a shot of his cast but Aidan is very shy when the camera is out.
Hope to bring you some more cards over the weekend as long as the last coat of paint goes well in the kitchen oooer !!!!!
Enjoy the bank holiday
; )


Jackie said...

keeping my fingers crossed that Aidens treatment works wonders hun. big hugs to both of you xx

Karen J said...

oh bless him .. poor little mite xx
Hope everything goes well Toni and give Aidan a big hug from me xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Toni I had no idea Aiden had such problems. I really hope all goes well for this and any future treatment he has. Good Luck! Viv xx