Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Why do they give the kids two weeks off at Easter...

when all the kids do is fight and argue for the entire time they are away from school. All the chocolate gets eaten by 3pm on Sunday,(they started after breakfast)not that they had loads this year as the boys had asked for DVDs instead of eggs,a much better investment for me too as they are quieter while watching the movies they had and not trying to kill each other. If you have children or a sibling you will know that as soon as the holidays arrive it is time to over annoy your brother or sister and drive mom up the wall in the process. I think this feature is built in and I'm still looking for the switch to change it back to the factory settings or silent mode
Its now only Wednesday and all I hear is I'm bored , what can I do?.....where can we go ?.....

All culinary interest lasted all of 10 minutes of preparation,until the oven timer went off and the creations were devoured before had time to get icing on them.
(must be lack of sugar since Sunday)
Eldest son has returned to the realms of Mordor and wartime heroes (xbox) so all we will hear is grunts and groans. While the youngest has offered his services to help Dad in prepare for next weeks upheaval and the kitchen being wrecked, all for the sake of a new floor.( Ive no idea what he charged but I'm sure it was substantial )
Oh the joys of holidays lol

Tomorrows events I hope will lighten them up(cant see it) as it entails a trip to the dentist , shoe hunting and the ever popular new clothes routine.
as I say why do they have 2 weeks off for Easter LOL
: }


Stressed Stamper said...

sorry to bother you - I note you bought some hanglar and stanglar from ebay as per marlenes blog - were they the "real" thing? made the seller a fave to see next time - but if you can let me know it would be much appreciated.


Stressed Stamper said...

Thanks Toni