Monday, 31 May 2010

Penny Black challenge wk 103

The theme for this week is...
In the garden
Now this image has been coloured for a good while and left to sulk so I thought it best to use it for a challenge.
I've gone mad with my flowers on this card
(well its In the garden theme )
Ive glittered around the edge for a bit of sparkle and added a bit of ribbon.
Off for tea now
Catch you later

Feeling a bit green.......

......and under the weather if you are this card would be ideal for you.
The image is one of Karen's doodles its so cute I couldn't resist it.
Karen's got some fab challenges on her blog even more fun.
I've used papers from MM and SU and the card stock is the new soft suede from SU
The sentiment is PTI
I'm off to tidy up the mess Ive made in the shed now.
Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday

Sad news today

Bill and Teds eggcellent adventure has come to an end.
They were found early this morning huddled together in their feathers
It is presumed the cold must have effected them as they were ready to be released this week
as they were perching on the branches quite well and Teds tail feathers had grown alot more
so please take a moment

In memory of Bill and Ted

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Good news its now been......

3 months
since I had my last cigarette
wow has it really been that long
and this week I rejoined Weightwatchers to get my body back into shape.
The weight did pile on after quitting
its been a battle of chocolate against cream puff cakes

Chocolate was winning !!!!
Now I've tired many diet plans Slimming world, slimfast (yuk )Rosemary's and just cutting out the good stuff and its only WW that has worked for me before so a week on....
Im 3lb lighter and still having my sunday lunch.
Will keep you updated in my progress

Not so sunny sunday

Ive got a cold coming
( dont want it or need it )
Ive been blog hopping today and found some fabulous cards by peep
go on have a little blog hop
While your hopping Jak has some candy up for grabs and wow its a stunner.
10 reels of ribbon Oh my Gosh Id be in heaven
get over to her blog and see
: )

Friday, 28 May 2010

I saw a mouse.....1....2...3...4....

......actually in this penny black stamp
I've had this image for what seems an age and I finally coloured it in, this time with distress inks and twinkling H2O's
The papers are my minds eye and the flowers are from wild orchid crafts they have some really lush blooms in their stock.
Sentiments are PTI and the little tags are made using the sizzix tag die cut.
Its the first time I've used in two years !!!!! Can you believe it.
I'm entering this card into the stamp something challenge
They have a birthday recipe this week
designer paper (check)
a ribbon (check)
a bow (check )
a tag (check check)

Ok.....thats me blogged out for today,I have a glass of wine and I'm off to enjoy it now

Storage solutions

We crafters are always looking for useful storage for one thing and another and with having virtually no space in my shed,
( its too small I want a new one ) I need to find better storage. Ive notice the crafting industry have some really good ideas although some made specifically for the job are so expensive I dont know about you but I'm reluctant to pay for them ( would rather spend my money on crafting goodies )
After reading a thread on the imag-e-nation forum about cd boxes being used for pro markers (fab idea ) I looked into purchasing one for my copics even though they are safe in my storage bucket and space for more too
Then I had a thought about my nesties CB folders and even my stamps these boxes are ideal I tried the cd folder and photo album and it just didnt feel right.Here's the one with my nesties and cb folders The stamp one ( or rather 3 ) are still being filled up as I begin unmounting my mounted stamps now some will say noooo dont un mount them but to be honest I prefer my stamps unmounted as I can hide more
from hubby lol
SO .......take a look at your other storage items they could be useful in so many ways
: )

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Ooh I forgot to tell you about ...

The boys adventure today

Bill went for a little practise flight right over the fence and into the nearest tree.
He managed to bypass the fence even with only his tail feather half grown. which is more than can be said for Ted who is two days behind and has no tail feathers yet to speak of, so nearly knocked himself out when he tried to follow Bill and cannon balled into the fence panel
He wasn't too happy

It took Bill ten minutes to realise that food was not in the tree but still he refused to come down until Ted had a munch and Bill thought he was missing out.It was a close call too as direction is not yet Bills best flying attribute and was nearly the dogs dinner.
Phew !!!!

Suffice to say the boys are back inside with food on hand again ready for the next days adventure.
With any luck both birds wil be able to fly the nest soon hopefully not into a fence next time.

A simple wedding card ........

I'm hoping not too simple..... but I figure for a wedding you want something classic and simple. I found my SU heart punch out for this one under all the craft stuff piling up in my shed. I was hoping to get a bigger premises ( shed) however it fell through well if it was taken apart it would fall down as the posts are rotten so its back to the drawing board on extra storage and back to the card details oops...
The classy paper is SU bridesmaid speciality papers its is so lush to the touch I love it and love that you can change the shades with inks and chalks if you want.
The sentiment is PTI
I'm so sorry for not posting more but Ive been busy working and it gets in the way of crafting Hopefully the week off will get me back into crafting mode lol.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The boys have made themselves quite at home

Here's Bill and Ted two days older and now posing for the camera. This shot was before Bill had a mad exercise run and sent Ted flying poor little buddy can you see Bills tail feather is starting to grow abit

and here's Ted he's a proud little birdie and demanding too wanting his grubs on time and in a variety. He has taken a shine to cat and dog biscuits moistened go cat being the favourite lol.

Monday, 24 May 2010

A Super quick card

using a Stampin Up kit Ive had for a while now.
This is an ideal kit for boys and men the stars are pre cut stickers
I just added a number 9 for the little boys birthday
Im off to work in a while so catch you later.
: )

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Winner of the blog hop
Flippin stamp set is

Nicole I will be in touch about the choice of set you would like

To New Parents....

I think this was the quickest card Ive made and I thought yesterdays was quick.
Its for a work colleagues sister who it seemed has been in labour for days yes it was days!!!
Hopefully now she can relax with baby and enjoy
Its a quick post today sorry
I'm in a flap as I have loads to do and not enough time ( as always )
so catch you soon
: )

Bill and Teds eggcellent adventure ..

They are still with us and moved to a new temporary home.The weather hasn't been brilliant for them as its too hot in a bucket so hubby borrowed a bird cage
Bill thinks its cool as the new place has loads of mod cons compared to the bucket: toilet facilities,air conditioning a gym and perching bars and there'still room service and a maid to turn down the bed at night.
: )
We figure Ted is a day or two behind Bill as he cant get on the perch yet He tried but kept falling off or Bill would knock him off lol

Saturday, 22 May 2010

FAD to the rescue....

Father and daughter that is.....
Have rescued a couple of black birds that had fallen from their nest and mommy bird was no where to be seen.Rather than let the cats get them my daughter brought them home and now OH is playing daddy bird to them.Its been two days now and they have moved from this bucket into a borrowed bird cage until they are big enough to release as they haven't got any tail feathers yet. Have to say they are really cute but very ,very ,hungry
I will keep you updated on their progress
Bill and Teds excellent adventure !!!!

Oh my Its so hot .......

What a week its been and such glorious weather the last couple of days Hope it stays for a while yet
I'm of mixed emotions this week as my home from home Imag-e-nation forum is closing down. I'm sad to see it go as I have found wonderful friends there and gained tips and hints galore and generally had a ball let alone been offered my DT spot for La Pashe through it.I know I can keep in touch with most people on face book as the gaffer has opened a page there but there are some people I know that don't like face book.
So I was quite happy to see a couple of the forum members open up new forums for everyone to join
Ive made myself comfy with Crafters ReUnited
So if you would like to keep in touch
Ive made a button in my sidebar
(its been a long time since I did some serious psp stuff )
so that is my make for today lol
Catch you later
: )

Thursday, 20 May 2010

May Blog hop

and this months challenge was set by Karen and we are to make an easel card.
I love making these only thing was I hadn't made one in a while so sat there for a good ten minutes thinking "how do I make it?"
(had a brain freeze and there was no ice cream lol)
I used the flippin stamps for my card DIY and the wall and plaque from PEACE
Now for the good bit
If you leave a comment on this post you can be in the chance to win some
blog Candy
a Flippin Stamp set of your choice
and if you hop over to
Karen's and Lydia's blogs
and leave a comment on their blogs
you will increase your chance of winning three fold
So go on take a look and leave a comment and tell your friends.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


This post will stay at the top til the run
For more cards and posts scroll down a bit.

I normally raise money for scope but this year I thought I would add another charity to my agenda so its running shoes on and a 5 mile run around sutton park with my daughter Steph on the 19th June
(Cant be sure I will run it though it may be a fast walk lol)
If you would like to sponser me here's a little gadget you can click on

Thank you
Huge Hugs
: )

Saturday, 15 May 2010

We are going on a bug Hunt ....................

I'm not scared .........

lol I think the bugs should have been....
Josh had a bug kit given him this week, as last week he raided all the recycled jam jars to keep spiders and wood lice in.
SO today the men folk went on a bug hunt around hopwas woods
Here's some of the creepy crawlies they found.

Digging around !!!

"Can you see the packington porkers Josh ?"
" No... where? "
"There behind you ......."

: )

Friday, 14 May 2010

OOOH I forgot this one

A step back in history to the Victorian era
I think shes waiting for someone ... but who husband or ????? ( the piano tuner lol)
Yes its another framin card from La Pashe.
I forgot I hadn't posted it as Ive had my mind on other things.
I thought was done with the invites for the wedding well they want another 20 lol.
Aidan has had another cast on his legs although I don't think they want to carry on with it as its expensive for the department to do.
Ggggrrrr.... why does getting treatment in this country have to be such a fight.

That's my little rant over I'm off for a cuppa now
: )

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A couple of Quickies.....

It seems love is in the air and loads of people are getting married this year.
I've made these for a friend
Clean and simple
I'm off to see if there is anymore news on our new government,
then I think I will do a bit of colouring

Enjoy the rest of your evening
: )

Such a lucky girl..... have a pony in her room I always wanted one as a child and still when I see them I have to rock it.
This is another framin card from La Pashe
Ideal for those little girls( big girls ) who dream of a dolls house

Catch Lydia's and Karen's blog for more
links in the side bar

Monday, 10 May 2010

Oops... what happens when mummy turns her back for one minute

I had to show you this pic of Phoebe... as I love it
It's just what little kids are supposed to do
The burning question is ...Is it just her new look for the season or did she decorate the living room too lol

I love being a Nan
: )

Sunday, 9 May 2010

One for the men on Father's Day

Another framin card
All men have one of these I'm sure if not they want one,a tinkering garage or shed.
The men call it a workshop lol
Where they pull apart your vacuum that was working perfectly the day before apart from a slight squeak which you found endearing well and now its in pieces on the floor beyond any help

LOL , Men we just have to love them.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Quick HAnglar and StAnglar .....

sets are on ebay again
Heres the link
I know they will go quick but if your like me and love the images you'll be glad I told you
good luck
: )

Fancy a walk down by the canal......

.....You would probably see a lovely image like this from La Pashe.It is one of the new releases in the Framin card range
I decoupaged the image up with foam pads I cant find my pin flair glue anywhere ( gremlins) and then I cut the frame out and attached it to the framin card.
A great tip: attach your frame to the card in sections with removable adhesive first, this gives you time to get it in the best position and lined up.
Check out Karen's and Lydia's blogs to see some other images
So sorry I haven't posted anymore cards this week its been another week of meetings with the boys and another cast fitting for Aidan. This one was in alot better position but more painful for Aidan hopefully he can keep it on til next weeks session but cant see it as hes in alot more pain
Right Im off to get a cuppa catch you later I hope

Hugs : )

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Wow two magic moments .......... as many days. On Friday,after a busy day I just wanted to veg out on the sofa and watch a little TV but as usual there is nothing on but elections and murder mysteries .Hubby suggested a DVD, well we have the usual action movies and sci fi but in between all the intense films I found this
Pixar's Finding Nemo

What a hoot and a well loved film I used to watch with my kids when they were so little I enjoyed every minute of it and its made me giggle today as they boys saw it on the side and have decided to watch it too .
Then this afternoon I had another magic moment no kids, no hubby and Steel Magnolia's was on Two hours on uninterrupted weepy bliss

Find a magic moment over the weekend
: )