Saturday, 22 May 2010

Oh my Its so hot .......

What a week its been and such glorious weather the last couple of days Hope it stays for a while yet
I'm of mixed emotions this week as my home from home Imag-e-nation forum is closing down. I'm sad to see it go as I have found wonderful friends there and gained tips and hints galore and generally had a ball let alone been offered my DT spot for La Pashe through it.I know I can keep in touch with most people on face book as the gaffer has opened a page there but there are some people I know that don't like face book.
So I was quite happy to see a couple of the forum members open up new forums for everyone to join
Ive made myself comfy with Crafters ReUnited
So if you would like to keep in touch
Ive made a button in my sidebar
(its been a long time since I did some serious psp stuff )
so that is my make for today lol
Catch you later
: )

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