Thursday, 27 May 2010

Ooh I forgot to tell you about ...

The boys adventure today

Bill went for a little practise flight right over the fence and into the nearest tree.
He managed to bypass the fence even with only his tail feather half grown. which is more than can be said for Ted who is two days behind and has no tail feathers yet to speak of, so nearly knocked himself out when he tried to follow Bill and cannon balled into the fence panel
He wasn't too happy

It took Bill ten minutes to realise that food was not in the tree but still he refused to come down until Ted had a munch and Bill thought he was missing out.It was a close call too as direction is not yet Bills best flying attribute and was nearly the dogs dinner.
Phew !!!!

Suffice to say the boys are back inside with food on hand again ready for the next days adventure.
With any luck both birds wil be able to fly the nest soon hopefully not into a fence next time.

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Jackie said...

rofl oh bless... its the way ya tell it....
so pleased they are both doing so well.. and omg you are going to be so sad when they fly the coup... lovely piccies.. and SO pleased they doing so well... xxxx thanks for sharing this... cos I love me wildlife xx