Sunday, 31 October 2010

More cakes

This time for a 1st birthday 
  I remember having one of  these made  when  I  was a child and when I  made one for  my eldest daughter
  ( who's  now  21 Oh eck I  do  feel old lol )
 Hope the party goes well 
 Catch  ya  later  Im off trick and treating with the kids in a bit 

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Traditional halloween

well Nightmare at Christmas Jack o Lantern lol 
 It  took  a while to  scoop  out this  year as we had a bigger  pumpkin  but  we got there in the end.

Friday, 29 October 2010

No...... your not in a bakers shop

 But I  have been busy today baking all these little lovelies for a Halloween birthday party today   
You ask why some of them are pink ?
Well the little girl who's birthday  it is is a princess so she should have some princess cakes too.
  I'm back in the creative mode now after today's stint 
so just the pile of ironing to do ( oh my how did it get so big )
then I  can get back to some more crafting 

Monday, 25 October 2010

Time to myself .......

.......and what  happens a huge mountain of problems arise that need sorting out a.s.a.p. so no card making this week,the one week to  myself and to do what I want to do (I'm going insane without it)So its a week just sorting out the junk and getting ahead with the huge list I  have. 

So catch you  later in the week and I'm hoping the mountain  will  be behind me and not infront

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Winter wedding

Well not quite but I do feel that the purples remind me of winter colours.
I've used my heart punch again for the bride and groom and my Rubber stamp tapestry stamps for the sentiment.The specialty paper is from SU and I inked it up to create a gorgeous background.
  Its a little cold outside
So I'm going to wrap up warm watch a little TV and get a yummy mug of  hot chocolate

Thursday, 14 October 2010

More creative crafting

More of the makes from Appleby Magna I'm still finding the time to  finish my other makes
(need 48 hours in a day let alone 24)but I  had to show you these
The first card was Cally's make  a fabulous little 4x4 easel card and  plenty of matt and layering once I  figured out the outlay I was off and enjoying this one.I substituted the stamen in the middle for a bit of bling I was really happy with the finished card.
As I was with the second card from Jan little coco the bear simply mounted on a pendant die cut from spellbinders and a scored background layer a little bit of bling and a sentiment and wow a stunner of a card I  love the layout and will be using it again.
Now the third card was from Jennie  how sweet is that penguin the fabric squares are so cute and simple to  back and  it makes a gorgeous Christmas card 

 I'm going to  leave you with these inspirations as I have homework to do and a mountain of ironing 
 More to  follow  soon 

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I saw a mouse.....

where......well not in the house this time thank heavens. No I was given this  image from a good  friend to  try out  and I  do  love Beatrix Potter so  I thought  I  would get colouring  I  cut  out  the image this time and added a shadow background  I brought out some papers from my stash, used my Martha Stewart punch    and found some ribbon then  added a sentiment and voila a little mouse not in the corner of the room lol but on a pretty card  for  a friend.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Vlad the Vampire

 Never enough time and Halloween is getting closer so here's another Halloween card this time using
Vlad the vampire from justinklined.
I've used my drippy goo punch (I do love this punch ) and some stamps  from  my stash 
I used copics to colour in Vlad
 We're off to the hospital  today to get things moving with Aidan's operation so  its  a really early start for  us all  as his appointments before  9am  and the hospital is over the other side of  Birmingham.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

A few more...  share with you from my crafting weekend.This card was a sketch by my  Pam (Peejay). I have turned it as my papers didn't look right  if the card was vertical and I did  move the dots to balance it up a bit, (okay so I didn't stick to the sketch I told you I don't do instructions very well lol)  but I do like the card and it is one to go in the Xmas box.  
Oh  I  had  fun trying to  make this  card lol   Susan has a lovely little embossing punch  for the dragonfly (I want one, add to wish list) I  cannot believe I  have this set at home and haven't even used it  yet. I  do  love the effect and distressed  edges is my sort  of  card   so  much  fun 
 and Ive finally made a step card thanks to Tracey, using some of  her gorguss ribbons and die  cuts I  just love those  little parcels and reindeer  I  was pleased with  the  out  come after going wrong with the dimensions ( told you  I  dont do  instructions lol )
So  there  you  have another three of the creations we made at  Appleby  
  pop back soon  
 I'm off to  make Sausage and Mash  for tea yumm 
I  love the autumn and comfort food come out  diet goes to  pot  though  lol 

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A day crafting and chatting with friends

At Appleby Magna, it was a weekend wrought with tragic news one of our party was unable to  make it and was sorely missed, illness in the family delayed another I had to work so missed a day too but in all the let downs and mishaps we friends got together in an idyllic cottage with the wind howling outside our cuppa's made and our relaxing retreat began 

 I  suggested a shoe box swap  for our crafting fun this year as then you only  need to bring what  is  needed for your  swap  but  still  come away  from the weekend having made something  or have something in your bag to show hubby that I haven't just been chatting all weekend and having a laugh with  good friends  ( well he seems to  think I  just have  fun when I  go away  from home crafting there is a lot of work in making a card and catching up with  friends I  will have you  know  its not all chat, giggles(a lot)  cuppa's and a good meal at the end of the day 
 So here are the first  three of  sixteen cards  in  our  shoe box swap from my weekend away   I  will  show you  the others over the next few days (  time is against me so  please pop  back to see the rest soon) The first one is a card  design by Anne Marie  it was a fun card to  make and I  so  love the little butterflies  (  think that's another punch  I will need ). The next card is by  Carolyn  I  love the muted colours  and simplicity of  this card  I  can see it being a favourite for  my  Xmas cards this  year  and here  this  little kitty is a squeezee card  by Greta  I  had a few problems with the instructions ( I  don't do  instructions very well  you  will see that  in other cards I  made lol) After  a good think I  got there in the end  and  found the card quite effective   
So  there's  a little taste of  what  I  did  while away  from home   
come back soon

Monday, 4 October 2010

Justinklined October's Blog Hop

and the theme is to  use

 I'm still in Halloween mode at the moment  and this little werewolf has been  growling  at me to get him on a card so while I had a few minutes and hubby had prised my lock off the shed door with  a crowbar as Id lost my key (guess who found it  half an hour later on the side ooops!!! )I found my basic grey papers out and rooted through my stash.
I still need to  find time to get tidied  up  in my shed  but  then when don't I lol, 
Now you should have come to my blog from Joyce's 

Here's the full  list in case you  got  lost (links are in the side bar )
  Now off you  go  and see our  host for the month  Karen 

Sunday, 3 October 2010

For a Special Day

 A wedding is always special  and  Ive had quite a few to  make cards and invitations for  this  year
 Here's one I recently made 
I can post it now as the wedding has past and the couple should be back from their honeymoon  by now.
  I used the heart  punch stamp from  Stampin up for the bride and groom outfits 
along with some ribbon  and aqua card from my stash.The sentiments are PTI. 
 Now I have loads to get caught up with I  think a bit  of blog  hopping is called for while I can then a movie   Prince of  persia  sounds like a good  one.
 Remember its the Justinklined blog  hop  on monday(  oh  my  thats not  far away now )  

Rain rain and more rain

  Well its not stopped in  a week and I think my mood has followed it too. Why when your down something or someone comes along and kicks you even harder, such is  life some say well Ive had enough  of  life and I m fighting back. Mind you there was a rainbow in my clouds when Steph  bought  little Pheobe over to see us she's growing so fast. as is  her mum with  no 2 child. It  was good  to see them. Im off to  mope about  the house until this  water clears (  I hope )  

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Trinitage Christmas


still in the christmas mood  and more cards using the
Trinitage Christmas sheets from La Pashe