Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A day crafting and chatting with friends

At Appleby Magna, it was a weekend wrought with tragic news one of our party was unable to  make it and was sorely missed, illness in the family delayed another I had to work so missed a day too but in all the let downs and mishaps we friends got together in an idyllic cottage with the wind howling outside our cuppa's made and our relaxing retreat began 

 I  suggested a shoe box swap  for our crafting fun this year as then you only  need to bring what  is  needed for your  swap  but  still  come away  from the weekend having made something  or have something in your bag to show hubby that I haven't just been chatting all weekend and having a laugh with  good friends  ( well he seems to  think I  just have  fun when I  go away  from home crafting there is a lot of work in making a card and catching up with  friends I  will have you  know  its not all chat, giggles(a lot)  cuppa's and a good meal at the end of the day 
 So here are the first  three of  sixteen cards  in  our  shoe box swap from my weekend away   I  will  show you  the others over the next few days (  time is against me so  please pop  back to see the rest soon) The first one is a card  design by Anne Marie  it was a fun card to  make and I  so  love the little butterflies  (  think that's another punch  I will need ). The next card is by  Carolyn  I  love the muted colours  and simplicity of  this card  I  can see it being a favourite for  my  Xmas cards this  year  and here  this  little kitty is a squeezee card  by Greta  I  had a few problems with the instructions ( I  don't do  instructions very well  you  will see that  in other cards I  made lol) After  a good think I  got there in the end  and  found the card quite effective   
So  there's  a little taste of  what  I  did  while away  from home   
come back soon

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