Saturday, 9 October 2010

A few more...  share with you from my crafting weekend.This card was a sketch by my  Pam (Peejay). I have turned it as my papers didn't look right  if the card was vertical and I did  move the dots to balance it up a bit, (okay so I didn't stick to the sketch I told you I don't do instructions very well lol)  but I do like the card and it is one to go in the Xmas box.  
Oh  I  had  fun trying to  make this  card lol   Susan has a lovely little embossing punch  for the dragonfly (I want one, add to wish list) I  cannot believe I  have this set at home and haven't even used it  yet. I  do  love the effect and distressed  edges is my sort  of  card   so  much  fun 
 and Ive finally made a step card thanks to Tracey, using some of  her gorguss ribbons and die  cuts I  just love those  little parcels and reindeer  I  was pleased with  the  out  come after going wrong with the dimensions ( told you  I  dont do  instructions lol )
So  there  you  have another three of the creations we made at  Appleby  
  pop back soon  
 I'm off to  make Sausage and Mash  for tea yumm 
I  love the autumn and comfort food come out  diet goes to  pot  though  lol 

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