Saturday, 15 January 2011


 dont tell him or show him but  this  is Josh's  b'day card for the end of the month
  I  couldnt resist this image  Robot Boy
  its so Josh!!!
if he had his way he would have a room full of cardboard boxes any spare box gets claimed by him
 Best go and get his cake and present stuff sorted out
Im planning early so I  may remember on time this year.
 So  cupcakes are his request but without frosting as he just cuts it off anyhow lol 


Kristel said...

That is a sweeeet card Toni!!
Hugs Kristel

Jak Heath said...

Perfect.... i remember the day he played outside in the garden in the rain in a box and you couldn't get him to come inside lol!

Flip-Flop Creations said...

Great card Toni! Why is it that kids love boxes so much? Hope he has a great Birthday! ~jeni :)