Saturday, 1 January 2011

A new year..............a new card

Here's some Justinklined Sunflowers to put a smile on your face in this dowdy month of January 2011
 Yes..... Happy New Year !!!!!
 Any  New Year resolutions well I've learn't not  to really make any as they always seem to go to  pot  after a few days or weeks so  instead Ive set some aims
  • to get a bit fitter 
  • keep in touch with friends and family 
  •  schedule my life alot better
  • be thankful
  • *Make the most of everyday with those you love (* most important)
 Hopefully you  will see more of  my little snippets of life this year and some more lovely cards.I feel I have to  apologies for the last few months as things have been up and down and all over the place with  family problems and situations  which  were unavoidable.
 2011 is a new year and new challenges lay ahead... 
This month  I have DT work to complete( so keep an eye out for that ) I have some more of my level 3 childcare course  to  continue  with  and  some decorating  to do with the boys  rooms now  Sonia has  moved out  yes  another of my babies has flown the nest 
Now I could have claimed the room for my craft room( what crafter wouldn't covet a room just for her stuff )  but  Aidan's needs come first and separation from his little brother is imperative if they are to survive this next year intact
So bring on the challenge January


Kristel said...

A really wonderful card Toni! I wanted to wish you a happy newyear!
Hugs Kristel

Debbie said...

Beautiful card Toni,Happy new year to you.All the best in all that you hope for in 2011.Thank you for sharing your inspiration.Debbie x

Flip-Flop Creations said...

Lovely card Toni! Beautiful coloring. Happy New Year! ~jeni :)