Saturday, 29 January 2011


Sssssending you wishes from RINGO
I'm liking the animal images at the moment and enjoying getting back into  my cards,I've  found I  get most enjoyment from card making when there isnt a deadline or list of  wants.
 Ive been looking at getting fitter is that the norm for January lol.Well at Aidans last pysio he was told to do a bit more exercise and get back into sport  (nice idea for the xbox addict)  we got the boys a Wii for xmas  so we could get a bit  fitter ( I've played it twice)  I think its working for Aidan as he worked a sweat up boxing lol  but  Ive made a decision we all need to do something and I think its important as a family to do things together  so we have had a chat and it looks like swimming is going to be the go for us (after this bugs gone don't want to share that with peeps if its swine flu )
  In the mean time its family challenges on the Wii I will keep you  posted if i  manage to thrash  them ( cant see it myself lol)

 There's lots of  people in this world that spend so much  time watching their health that they havent got time to  enjoy it - Josh Billings

Goodies: SU Ribbon, K& Co papers, PTI cardstock and sentiment,Martha Stewart Punch,SU Tag punches,Copics G's, R's and E's ,Justinklined image Ringo 2


Anonymous said...

Love the card Toni - reminds me of the "Whizzer and Chips" comic I used to get when I was little! Sid Ssssssssssnake was a regular character! Hope you feel better soon, Viv xx

Berenice R. said...

So cool card. Hope you get well soon :)