Friday, 11 February 2011

I'd be scared ..........

if  I  had  a nurse  like this  and  that huge  needle  lol   
This  is  one of the  Help  for  Katie  images  from Justinklined 
  I've  teamed it together with some red and  white  just to emphasize that gorgeous  figure. 
 I'm celebrating today yes I passed my  exam  and now I  can  focus on the rest of my course. 
There's a lot more work to do but  one  huge hurdle is over and  done with   phew !!!!! 

I'm  off to  celebrate  properly with  a cream cake


Sue said...

Hi Toni,Im so chuffed for you,well done!Enjoy your cream cake.I have this image too,it makes me smile.Your card is just what a person needs to make them feel better.
Hugs Sue xx

Debbie said...

Well done Toni, really pleased for you.Love your card, the image really made me smile.Take care.Debbie x