Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A country escape

Well here's something a bit different for me I thought I would try
some of the decoupage card kits at Imag-e-nation. 
There's a lovely selection and really inexpensive for a quick  make  and a quick card
I love these shaped cards from pin flair,the various images are beautiful and so easy to put together. I love this one of the farmyard. All I added was a sentiment and its ready to go.You even get an envelope with it bonus! 

  I'm still  recovering from the walk round the woods on the weekend. We treated the kids and us to a relaxing day out at Dobbies yesterday, took a picnic and had lost the kids  in  the mazes for a while. The only disadvantage with going to Dobbies is the farmers market and the Pets corner. Croissants and cinnamon whirls were purchased from the freezer section(diet definitely AWOL) and the orders for new pets were given stink pot turtles and fire bellied newts were the decisions of the day lol.They only came out with some crystals and a gooey alien this time thankfully!!.

 Catch  ya  later  I'm  off to  do some tidying  and I may be some time.

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Flip-Flop Creations said...

Beautiful card Toni!! Very cool shape.
Yummy cinnamon whirls....Ewwww, turtles & newts? Lol ~jeni :)