Saturday, 30 April 2011

I've been busy .......

 .....not with  card making but with finding a new family member and making them feel welcome

Meet "BELLA"
Our new Lurcher puppy as she snoozes in the afternoon sun 
  We have been wanting a lurcher for years and after losing two of our dogs over the last two years.We (I)  felt it was time to get a new addition. It's taken me some time to find the right one and one Hubby was Happy with also and we found Bella. She is so sweet in temperament and fitting into the family so well. 
The kids cant wait to take her out on walks and into the woods 
 I  promise more cards  in the next few days but I'm  making the most of the sun just like Bella LOL  
Oh  and  I didnt come up  with the  name (Hubby  did) although it is  good and  twilight influenced lol


Trace said...

Bella is beautiful Toni. She looks really chilled out in the pic. Our first family dog was Bella and she was a darling. Hope your newest family member settles in really well. T xxx

Cally said...

What a sweetie.She looks like she's settled in nicely..