Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Getting to know you ........

...... is what we have been doing with our new arrival  Bella's first few days in the house have been quite an eye opener for the children.Aidan's got a best friend  Josh is fascinated with her feet and its been lovely to have a dog in the house again since losing Buster and Tasha over the last couple of years.
 With her being a puppy I expected more well........  mayhem you know all my favourite things chewed up, puddles and little presents everywhere, constantly on the go as they want attention more than a child but NO she's had a couple of puddles with excitement and she wasn't let out, no little presents indoors(bonus)and chewing things up well shes was given  my slippers and some toys and she has a been  really good with getting to know us The only other thing she has taken a liking to is Hubby's  herb  pots   those chives are real yummy lol.
 Here she is play wrestling with my friends child. She took an instant liking to her and pinned her down and licked her all over on every visit they made lol.We all had a good giggle on that sunny afternoon I think it was Amy's laugh Bella couldn't resist she couldn't hide anywhere. Bella found her out.Then this is  how  she spends the rest of time fast on asleep in the most strangest positions possible I think we are going to have some fun times ahead. 

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Flip-Flop Creations said...

Oh my goodness...she looks like a lot of fun and trouble. Lol ~jeni :)