Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Quick update on Rose

 while the tea is cooking steak and veg yummm
we have had a rough couple of weeks with her still reusing to eat 
however I have perservered  and monitored her incase she
  took a turn for the worse and became egg bound  (crossed fingers it hasnt happened )
  I bought her some hoppers yesterday and shes had a munch on those and a few meal worms
( thank heavens I thought I would have to take her to the vets )
She's still diggin to china ( which is apparently is a good sign) 

 so with any  luck  the next couple of  days she  will  improve
now shes got some vitamins in her
 right  I  best  get tea  made as the  other  hungry  hourd will  be moaning they are  hungry   
 hugs  to  everyone 

1 comment:

Linda said...

Who wouldn't pass up a few bugs to munch on? Come on Rose deliver the eggs. We are waiting on the birth!

Keep us posted Toni.