Thursday, 29 December 2011

Its thursday

...... Yep it is, Ive lost time, days, a week it seems over the holidays but it was well spent and enjoyed by all. Today they have all deserted me, off on their jolies with friends and family.I think I scared them yesterday as my daughter was kept for over an hour sorting  flowers for me lol, well she offered. 
You see Ive spent the last few days trying to make a card and I gave up....  mojo..... just wouldn't flow and I  kept getting in a tizz with  all the bits and pieces strewn across my cubby shed its only 6ft by 8ft and I  need more space so I gutted it all ,threw out many bits of junk I've accumulated over the last five  years and never used.Im still sorting 72 hours later.
I'd show you pictures but its far too bad honestly it is...... I was shocked ......flabbergasted at the amount of stuff I had especially when I was trapped in there and the only way out was through 12 reems of cardstock and 6 baskets of ribbon (and that was only what was visible and not hiding in the drawers  aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I think there is  no end to  the amount of stamps and paper I've accumulated.
And guess what.......  I got post today Yippppeeee!!!!!!
my very last craft buy of 2011 from the glitterpot sale and my first ever magnolia stamp, what am I like its took me an age to buy one of those (moomins as I call them )my friends will be proud lol. but I couldnt resist the sales and  as I'm on a strict buying regime from Jan 1st I thought I'd get in there as soon as I could the only thing is now I have to find somewhere to put it all  before hubby comes home and  thinks  nothing is array lol. So I'm off to get some more sorting done and hide this lot might  get a cuppa  made in between.... 

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Flip-Flop Creations said...

Awwww man... I wanna see your mess!!! Lol I know what you mean about space. I seem to be over flowing mine too. Good luck getting sorted. Try not to get lost in your new goodies. Happy New Year Toni!!! ~jeni :)