Tuesday, 31 January 2012

It's Joshua's B'day today

 and he's 10 
Can you believe it...... I know I cant . Where has all the time gone ahhh !!!


and look I  remembered to take a photo of the copics I used 
( don't get too comfy though as I'm sure I will  forget with  future cards as my brain as you  know is a bit  cotton woolly at the moment well  most of the time)
 We are off to get pizza as thats what the B'day boy wants so catch ya laters folks.
Goodies Used: Whimsy KK Victory Kid, Bearly mine papers, star  nesties,momento bamboo ink,whimsy sentiment and  teal card from stash   

Monday, 30 January 2012

Off on Hols......

I wish I was but no........I need to save some pennies first  
Oh to be whisked away....... 
 Here's one of the new decoupage sheets from La Pashe 
I've  made an easel card with it this time for a bit of a change lol  
Now I'm off to have my tea as I'm starving 
Catch  ya  laters :) 
Goodies Used: La Pashe Decoupage sheet, whimsy  ticketdie and stamp set, charms papers ohhh |I forgot to  look at the label of the pad  but  they are  lovely lol

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Whimsy's Januaury mini magazine release

is out NOW 
  Here's where you can find it,its a fab read for a bit of inspiration.
 I  know I've been awol for a week or so but funerals take all my mojo and Ummpff and the weather hasn't exactly helped either, so today I feel a bit more on top of things and hopefullly Im back in the saddle with my to do list and life.
  I've made a few DT cards and posted those off and I've managed to store some stamps away into some order so I have started. 

Now this is one of those Christmas cards ready for next year using a fabulous image from Whimsy    

Crissy's Snowman and penguins image for Whimsy

Goodies Used:Whimsy Digi  snowman and penguins,Christmas Sentiment, paper mania papers,raffia purple,Gems ,make it crafty snowflake chippies Distress ink  Encore  silver ink pad

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Oh Im so cold today ......

 ........and miserable to go with it. the frost has been  down for most of the day and I just cant get warm.Im also in battles with a printer and I think the printer has won grrrrrrrrrrrr but I have a cunning plan to replace the   printer that has suddenly decidd to not printon card and  get a new one that does Ha haa  take that evil printer.
Why  does technology  always  bring out the worse in people and start  arguments and  get your  tempers flared ............... Breathe ..................... 
Here's another Justinklined digi print card,this time of a fabulous hyacinth (I think thats what it is I'm not a flowery person and pull all of them up when weeding ooops)    Im  not going to chat long as I want to get warm  so  need a cuppa  I think  and a bubble bath   Catch  ya  laters  

Friday, 13 January 2012

Its friday

 Oh yes it is and I'm so thankful. I really need the break this weekend and time to recoup energy.
  Is it just me or does everyone feel tired at the moment.Some days I just don't want to get up in the morning and I'm off to bed early I think I need some energy drinks as coffee is just not working
 Some things I have noticed are up early is the flowers in the garden. I'm already having daffodils break through my border its strange very  strange  but  this next card isn't  
Its one of the samples I made for the Tv debut of the justinklined digi prints.
 I must admit I love making red cards and throwing a clash of colour in,
its my rebellious side coming out I think.  
 tulips digi print from Justinklined

I'm off for a sleep I think lol 
Catch you peeps later

Goodies Used:Justinklined digi print tulips,  printed sentiment , red cardstock  papermill, SU ribbon ,DP  from Stash name escapes me.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

and........... breathe................

.......the last couple of weeks of chaos have at last given me some time to  breathe and relax.
My new storage has finally arrived today, after a few emails and  phone calls from my eBay seller to the UPS man.It was finally found and arrived just after the man said it would today but in a box that looked like it had been  used as a football  for the UPS  final mmmnnnnn Just look how fabby it is ,after carefully emptying all my boxes  of copcis I found I don't have as many as I thought and have space for more copics or so I keep telling hubby lol. Do you think he will notice if I had a few like the new ones in the spring  :)  
Now I know some of you will be wanting to know where to get these fab boxes in the UK. They are called DEFLECTO X DIVIDER DESK SHELF TIDY CUBE BOX ORGANISER yes it's alot to say but I got mine from eBay for just under £7 each.  If you don't like storing your  copics  horizontally these can be up ended for upright storage .They are connectible as hubby found out as he was the one I told to put them together lol and very sturdy. At last count I had over 200 copics mixed ciaos,sketch and markers and I got six cubes for £40 with postage.
 I  was looking into   purchasing  some  custom made storage cubes  but after getting these I've saved my self £60 which is a bonus as Im on a budget now (or so he thinks ha ha ha ha ) 

 Now onto a card I recently found this image of Scruff from Justinklined so a quick make later and its one ready for my card box as its looking rather diminished of late.
Goodies: Justinklined digi image, copics, Dp from stash, pearls from every crafts a pound 

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Ahhhhhhhhhh .......

 Still  NO storage boxes 
I'm fuming  Mr UPS will have my wrath  48 hours now my parcel was supposed to be here grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Im  having  a coffee to calm  down  and then  UPS  are having a phone call  as well as the three emails Ive sent  ahhhhhhhhhhhh
 On a lighter note the  wind has died  down  and   Im surveying the damage to the garden this morning so  far  its  just fences and  posts  down   ( think hubby will be busy later )
Catch ya laters   

Thursday, 5 January 2012

ooops forgot to say WOYWW......

as I had a late night and didn't sleep much because of the high winds( not from hubby this time lol)but I did for one moment think !! My shed I hope she's OK !!. as  I heard the fences being ripped from their  posts and  rattling all night while one of the bins rolled down the road to  who  knows where oops must have fancied a wander round the neighbourhood lol (just  glad  it wasn't  mine). 

So anyhow as you  can see this is my mini desk or rather the dining table covered with  important stuff now.It didn't stay clear for very long after Christmas but well it's  sooooo cold  out there in my cubby shed even with the heater on I'm freeeezing and I really need to get my copics sorted out and ...... (Hubby listened and said ok  :) so its staying there for a while)
So I'm sorting out my copics.  There's  new ones coming out so I need to sort them out as well as colouring some images while I'm at it At the moment I'm watching for an UPS man as he has my new storage boxes  rattling round in the back of his van  and I want them now as in a.s.a.p. now I was going to complain on the delivery time it was taking but there was a tracking number to follow and it says today is the day for delivery. Its now 4:30pm and still NO parcel  ....................  I'm  not a patient woman when it comes to craft stuff so
OOH did you notice my new purchases some copics refills always handy and my bargain Martha Stewart punch as I had a voucher from secret Santa  so £5 off  bargain
I'm  revamping this years calender so watch this space as I had a thought  to make more  alterables  this  year and use  stuff up  I  always  say it  but    this year I  am  going to  use more stash up Ive had for a while now. the BO bunny  papers are from my  pre budget buy lol
I'm  off to  look out the window a bit more  before  we take Aidan for his  B'day meal can you believe he's 14 OMG  I'm getting old  :(

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Proud Mom moment

Creation must be in the genes.......  I have been looking through my pictures on my camera and deleting some for essential space you know how it is, new year clean everything lol. Look at what I found this little gem in amongst all the junk and countless photos of fingers (I think Josh had been playing with my SD card in his camera lol) I had forgotten to post about this  as it was  a sore subject of homework at the time. This is Joshua's World War II  project,his prized anderson shelter and garden (yes that is  a bit of conifer for his tree.He raided some of his dads bits from his modelling collection and tore up a piece of card to get the corrigated sheets he even  made little sleeping bags to go inside as the beds we're too big. 
He's made me a very proud mom not just for his creation but for the enthusiasum  he gave to the subject of the war and the research  he spent looking on the internet for what he was going to make . Well done Josh !!!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

This is how I feel today ....

.....after all the celebration food and drink,just like this Hippo HUGE lol

Whimsy Hippo image used

 I'm be back on low calorie meals from this week and all the chocolate will be removed from the house or sealed up and put away til easter.I am determined to get back into lower size jeans before hubby tells me to throw them out lol
 The Whimsy Inspiration digi blog hop starts again today
so remember to check in and see what new images are available from Whimsy  
and be in with a chance to win some digi's of course. 
 and dont forget to  check out the  Whimsy Magazine there's some  great articles  inspirational  posts  in it
 I'm off to make some very  difficult cards this evening as I lost a very dear friend and neighbour on new years day and he will be greatly missed by all.
Catch ya soon peeps
Card details in magazine.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Well...Hello 2012........

    .....its  not so bad I guess I'm back to the weight I was last year bit of a bummer but I'm  going to start working on that issue I'm still smoke free and have an adorable family and fantastic friends (no I'm not still drunk from last night but I am in an enlightened mood and can only look forward.    

 I love my job (not many can say that ) and I still love making cards so I'm happy. 

Now for the first day of the year I'm not going to show you anything I've made but what hubby is in the process of making.Here's his little house well not so little on my computer but as you may have noticed its requiring a bit more decoration and some little people to go with it (he's going to kill me for this but its a new year a new day lol) This is his kick up the bum to get working on it as I think it will look fantastic

As you can see in this picture he can finish them and they look great when they have all their sections finished.So please help me encourage hubby to finish his little projects as he is thinking of getting rid of them and I myself think he does a wonderful job on them and it keeps him away from the computer and out of trouble lol .
 I may not like all the weird creations as you can see from this one it's not so attractive but they are all over the place and many half finished.Even the boys have caught the war hammer bug and got some of their own to make.They will  probably be finished before him lol. Infact I think Aidan has painted his and Josh has started playing with them.Boys and their toys Don't ya just  love them.Well I'm off to get some work done now dinner should be cooking and I've had a moan about the other half  and his junk  he... he... he....Have a fab day folks and catch you soon xxxx :)

Happy New Year Everyone