Tuesday, 10 January 2012

and........... breathe................

.......the last couple of weeks of chaos have at last given me some time to  breathe and relax.
My new storage has finally arrived today, after a few emails and  phone calls from my eBay seller to the UPS man.It was finally found and arrived just after the man said it would today but in a box that looked like it had been  used as a football  for the UPS  final mmmnnnnn Just look how fabby it is ,after carefully emptying all my boxes  of copcis I found I don't have as many as I thought and have space for more copics or so I keep telling hubby lol. Do you think he will notice if I had a few like the new ones in the spring  :)  
Now I know some of you will be wanting to know where to get these fab boxes in the UK. They are called DEFLECTO X DIVIDER DESK SHELF TIDY CUBE BOX ORGANISER yes it's alot to say but I got mine from eBay for just under £7 each.  If you don't like storing your  copics  horizontally these can be up ended for upright storage .They are connectible as hubby found out as he was the one I told to put them together lol and very sturdy. At last count I had over 200 copics mixed ciaos,sketch and markers and I got six cubes for £40 with postage.
 I  was looking into   purchasing  some  custom made storage cubes  but after getting these I've saved my self £60 which is a bonus as Im on a budget now (or so he thinks ha ha ha ha ) 

 Now onto a card I recently found this image of Scruff from Justinklined so a quick make later and its one ready for my card box as its looking rather diminished of late.
Goodies: Justinklined digi image, copics, Dp from stash, pearls from every crafts a pound 


Tammy said...

Super card, your coloring is amazing! Love the cubes!

Linda said...

Sounds like you have 60 pounds to spend on Copics. Well maybe that is pushing it. You have at least 30 pounds if you split the 60 pounds you saved by going through EBay. Te He He. Love your card. Buy more Copics, you are worth it. **Linda