Friday, 13 January 2012

Its friday

 Oh yes it is and I'm so thankful. I really need the break this weekend and time to recoup energy.
  Is it just me or does everyone feel tired at the moment.Some days I just don't want to get up in the morning and I'm off to bed early I think I need some energy drinks as coffee is just not working
 Some things I have noticed are up early is the flowers in the garden. I'm already having daffodils break through my border its strange very  strange  but  this next card isn't  
Its one of the samples I made for the Tv debut of the justinklined digi prints.
 I must admit I love making red cards and throwing a clash of colour in,
its my rebellious side coming out I think.  
 tulips digi print from Justinklined

I'm off for a sleep I think lol 
Catch you peeps later

Goodies Used:Justinklined digi print tulips,  printed sentiment , red cardstock  papermill, SU ribbon ,DP  from Stash name escapes me.

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plasticcards said...

Aggressive Flowers sketches on the card!!!This card make me look forward to the spring when all the pretty flowers start blooming.....:):):)
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