Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Proud Mom moment

Creation must be in the genes.......  I have been looking through my pictures on my camera and deleting some for essential space you know how it is, new year clean everything lol. Look at what I found this little gem in amongst all the junk and countless photos of fingers (I think Josh had been playing with my SD card in his camera lol) I had forgotten to post about this  as it was  a sore subject of homework at the time. This is Joshua's World War II  project,his prized anderson shelter and garden (yes that is  a bit of conifer for his tree.He raided some of his dads bits from his modelling collection and tore up a piece of card to get the corrigated sheets he even  made little sleeping bags to go inside as the beds we're too big. 
He's made me a very proud mom not just for his creation but for the enthusiasum  he gave to the subject of the war and the research  he spent looking on the internet for what he was going to make . Well done Josh !!!

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Greta said...

Brilliant. Well done Josh xx