Sunday, 1 January 2012

Well...Hello 2012........

    .....its  not so bad I guess I'm back to the weight I was last year bit of a bummer but I'm  going to start working on that issue I'm still smoke free and have an adorable family and fantastic friends (no I'm not still drunk from last night but I am in an enlightened mood and can only look forward.    

 I love my job (not many can say that ) and I still love making cards so I'm happy. 

Now for the first day of the year I'm not going to show you anything I've made but what hubby is in the process of making.Here's his little house well not so little on my computer but as you may have noticed its requiring a bit more decoration and some little people to go with it (he's going to kill me for this but its a new year a new day lol) This is his kick up the bum to get working on it as I think it will look fantastic

As you can see in this picture he can finish them and they look great when they have all their sections finished.So please help me encourage hubby to finish his little projects as he is thinking of getting rid of them and I myself think he does a wonderful job on them and it keeps him away from the computer and out of trouble lol .
 I may not like all the weird creations as you can see from this one it's not so attractive but they are all over the place and many half finished.Even the boys have caught the war hammer bug and got some of their own to make.They will  probably be finished before him lol. Infact I think Aidan has painted his and Josh has started playing with them.Boys and their toys Don't ya just  love them.Well I'm off to get some work done now dinner should be cooking and I've had a moan about the other half  and his junk  he... he... he....Have a fab day folks and catch you soon xxxx :)

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