Wednesday, 4 April 2012

its a day of yuk

 Yukky weather  who has snow in April  we do  I  know....
  I know it's the strangest things that
  are happening with the weather at the moment and my morning wake up call was to  battering hail and  snow flurries not that I slept any last night with the torrential rain and constant yukky hacking coughing and sneezing why oh why as soon as there is a holiday I get ill  blergh!!!!!  OH I'm feeling so crappy today grrrr  I don't know about you but I hate being ill there's more important and fun things to be doing than blowing your nose and drinking crappy tasting medicine lol
Ive got a beef in ale casserole cooking and the crime is I cant smell all the gorgeousness cooking in it.  Aggggghhh  I think I'm going to make some sponge and custard for dessert its  that sort of day . 
Catch you all soon  and hopefully this bug will be gone then too 

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Elaine said...

So sorry you are feeling poorly Toni, but its best to get it now in the bad weather than later when its nice and sunny.
No....I dont think that has cheered you up at all...silly me
Anyway here is to a speedy recovery and for you to get back to some crafting soon Hugs Elaine