Monday, 23 April 2012

Treading carefully as life is still a bit fragile

Hello peeps  you  may have been wondering  where I've been.Well  the day of yuk  turned into the month  from hell and back and I think and there's still some left to go. We tragically lost a valued member of our family Hubby's father over Easter and its hit us all hard and fast. We are still  reeling from it all and after giving him a fabulous send off this week it has took all the stuffing out of us.
As you can imagine the thought of crafting and blogging  has gone right out the window in fact I contemplated giving it all up and selling up but hubby's said give it time and I may feel differently about it so that's what  I'm going to do take it slow and easy and a day at a time.
There's still things to  move and arrange in our  house  so I'm busy  with that at the moment and I'm getting back to my DT work this week and hopefully going to catch up on what  I was doing. 
To top it all the desktop computer crashed when I was making the order of service I  panicked big time as you can  imagine with my laptop not having all the programs I'm used to using.So I've lost  heaps of work I'd done and will now have to re-photograph and re-make many of the cards I'd made so I can get back to where I should be
 so peeps you will have to bear with me. 


Tammy Ortiz said...


We are so sorry for our loss. Hubby is right give it time. I hope your crafting gives ou joy again soon.

Wendy said...

Really sorry for your loss Hun I remember when I lost my dad then 4 months after my mum I felt the same I remember going about my usual stuff like shopping and being so upset and wondered why everyone around me in the shop was going on with there business it made me mad a bit cause they didn't care I wanted to scream at them I just lost my parents as if they should know. It will get easier Hun hugs to you and yours xxx

Tammy said...

Continuing with thoughts and prayers for you and your family Toni.

Flip-Flop Creations said...

Thoughts and prayers are still going out to you Toni. Wishing you and your Family comfort. ~jeni <3

Elaine said...

I am so sorry for your loss and I can understand how you feel but your creations are fabulous and you must get a lot of pleasure making them , think carefully before you burn any bridges.
Hugs Elaine