Saturday, 9 June 2012

A bit of house cleaning and.....

feel fresh again  .
  ahhh  well the holiday bit and relax went a bit to pot with this orrible  weather ,wet, drippy and yuk, but I have got loads of things done and  had a good clear out of old  for new and  I'm  set for the summer.When it  appears lol  
New  fitness regime ( future son in laws gym instruction and some zumba should  get those wobbly  bits  into shape if not  it will kill me lol) , new foody schedule or rather back to eating fresh stuff and not junk food. is  on course and  my craft space has been cleared of all the crappy stuff  I had collected over the years and my what a lot of junk I had got but its sorted and I have  a box full of stuff to sell  and  a bin bag of rubbish  
I'm ready to begin a new
 reminds me I need felt as the craft shed will need a new roof soon.  

 I've just finished another load of  wedding invites,order of service to do next and some confetti  cones.
and  work starts  Monday  whoop !!!!
 make the most of the weekend 
 I think : /  
      roll on summer  !!!!!
   Have a fabulous weekend  everyone  will  show you  my creations next week 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Summer is coming

 Oooh  got a minute while the washing machine is going. I so forgot to post this last week, der- brain on other things at the moment I'm afraid. I made this card along with another using Whimsy's fab images for the latest issue of Complete card making .
  You can see how I made the cards  in the magazine,but I must say using Whimsy's dies are just fabulous I  just love them. and of course I used my copics I just keep going back to these as a colouring medium every time. In the other card I  used  monochromatic colours, copics again and Whimsy's papers by the wonderful  designer Michelle.

  Complete Cardmaking 37
Check out the magazine in  shops  now  for  fabulous inspirations and  a free dvd of all the images used.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Hello peeps

 just a quick note 
 I'm on hol's at the moment 
  so taking a bit of time out but don't forget to  pop by soon 
 for some fab things happening 
Check the side bars for things occurring :)