Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The sun is out the sky is blue ...........

there are loads of things for me to do and yes now it is raining (again)....................making a post seemed the right thing to do today.
I've been asked where am I and what have I been doing as there has not been a post since let me see (scroll down a bit   ...... June  wow  its  August now.  
  It's well over a month since my last entry ....Well I've been up to ........ errrr well  not much since the end of term really I watched my friend get hitched and have a fantastic wedding day .Saw the fabulous edition of the whimsy ezine, I've  relaxed ,I've tried to stay on the right eating regime.I'm still going to zumba and trying not to  kill myself with exercise
 We have had some fab days out as a family a visit to drayton manor was eventful to say the least but  loads of fun  with thrill rides and the zoo.   
I've decorated the stairs with hubby (still need to paint them ) I'm  half way through wallpapering the living room (just waiting for the polyfilla to dry before I hang the next lot of wallpaper in there ) 

My craft shed well  that's been sorted and stripped of naff and down right yukky stuff and I'm rearranging some of the storage methods at the moment and  I'm going to brighten up the space next week once my stairs are painted (will be using the left over white paint ) my mojo is still  in the atmosphere somewhere and refusing to return  but  I know it will as I'm  getting  itching fingers and hubby has moved into my shed  painting little men again so I think he will need to be removed  sooner rather than later.
I could say Ive not done much but reading back Ive done a bit  
  Oh and I have read the famous trashy trilogy twice over and thrown in a bit of baking too

 I'm off to visit  friends soon so  my mojo  may make an appearance sooner rather than  later(I hope) 
and  you will be the first to see I promise.
 Hope the rain stops for you to see the rainbow