Sunday, 6 January 2013

Okay so the last post went well.........

........ as did the cake for Aidan's b'day not much left now in fact the last piece got eaten by me as it was just sitting there screaming out to me eat me.....(so regret it after as sides are now splitting jeans)
  I'd put up a picture of Aidan however at 15 years old he turns into the illusive pimpernel and very camera shy,avoiding any  public affection or attention he possibly can,you are lucky to only get a snap shot of back of head as he runs for the hills when the camera is out or you may be able to get an abstract shot while  engaged in other activities lol.Wildlife is easier to catch.
 So ive just got my card for Aidan to show you. It was a quick and well a very simple creation to say the least as going through my available craft stuff (as its all in the cold shed apart from  printer and computer) I found very little to interest Aidan at all. He is really into is his Xbox and phone  at the moment what teenager isn't so I'm afraid it was  a sticker of  Assassins Creed and simple greeting (He loves it ) lucky really  ....... it could have been the dinosaur with the happy Birthday balloons.Maybe next year. I'm pleased it came out ok.
Can I just say a huge thank you to  peeps that have commented on my comeback it is really heart warming and quite reassuring I'm not speaking to myself ( I thought I was for a few moments as in Shirley Valentine talking to a wall  or a microwave I'm often finding myself doing that................. is it an age thing ??? ......... not remembering Shirley Valentine movie (you can Google it , a good film if I remember right but talking to inanimate objects.)

Anyway  it's back to work for me  tomorrow all doom and gloom I hear you say, but actually I'm looking forward to the normality again.Not so much the work aspect but being able to get into some sort of  routine. It's a return to the weekly zumba  ritual which is desperately needed as I'm spreading over the sofa let alone out of clothes(it feels like it anyhow) Hubby will be back in the kitchen being a domestic (god good thing too don't tell him I said that ) as it stays tidy when he's in charge. I'm cooking a roast today and there are pans all over the place LOL.
 So peeps I will catch you all very soon and leave you with something to think about this week.

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PeeJay said...

Glad the cake went down well. It looked delish. Good to see you back and I love that it's not just craft related. Can get boring with nothing else included for us nosey ones - lol! I really need to get back into mine. Nearly a year away - well, nothing of note for the past year anyway. Perhaps .....