Sunday, 13 January 2013

Well I was going to make a post on Wednesday but that went awol ..

so  to  today ........I've got a little bit of quiet time  while homework is being done(well it best be ) and I've just got my shopping in from being delivered....Yes I said delivered I've already been told off by Hubby for not letting him do it  (I'll let you into a secret  He doesn't get all of what I want as he's one that sticks to the list and  doesn't deviate from it   I know in an ideal world that's good  but sometimes you want the BOGOF deals or the American snacks from a well known shop as you have an addiction to them (NOT allowed while going to zumba in the week  but at the weekend treat time!!!!!)
So while I'm waiting I'm having a cuppa in my January bargain from Denby I could say not so much a bargain  as it was 3 times the price I'd normally pay  for a dinner service but I've always wanted  a denby dinner service ever since drinking from a cup at a friends house  half price was a good way to start my collection I think.
     My week well its been good and positive from my point of view. The boys have not argued as much as I thought  they would and work went OK . Aidan's B'day meal  was enjoyed on  Monday at the harvester and  my  zumba sessions hurt as I knew they would do ( no gain without pain they say ) The   healthy eating has started, breakfasts again from Monday. Breakfast is not a meal I really look forward to  unless its more brunch but I'm  going to give it a go.
 My crafting prowess of the week was making play dough
 recipe : 2 cups flour,1 cup salt,tsp cream of tartar and tbsp oil  1 cup of boiling water (with a few drops of  food colouring  and 1-2 drops of fragrance if required)    
 quick and easy and ready to go.
 Well today  I'm  going to make some  thumb print cakes and get some chocolate play dough made  before I tackle the mountain of ironing
 hugs  everyone catch you in the week  :) xxxx


Heidi Lapis said...
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Heidi Lapis said...
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Heidi Lapis said...

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