Monday, 12 August 2013

January, February, March, April May June July Aug................

...................... is it time to come out of  hibernation yet. 
 How  you  doing  peeps 
My blog has been  neglected. yep  all  too soon the days turned into weeks and then months again and all  the cobwebs have been left to catch the bugs in the shed. 
 Can I say I've been busy well  with  life...... welllll I guess yes, and work.....a definate  yes, with crafting........ NO
and there were decisions, decisions,of  do I delete my blog or not...........
well as my blog was originally a place to put  my mumblings as well as my bumblings through craft stuff  then I decided it should stay (and I should use it more note to self ).
 My crafting time well there has been none ..... none at all unless you can call making play dough  and making paper planes and fans  craft. That is until  the annual visit to appleby magna  occurred in  June this year. ( and I have to say my makes were fun and I did get the urge to enter my shed where all the bugs are making new homes quite nicely in my button box ewwwe
 and I did get the urge to buy new  bits and pieces that was fun  purchasing crafty bits again and stroking them hehehehe)
All things to go on the to do list  
WELLLLL .... What can I say I have many things in the pipeline on my to do  list  yes it is still there and getting  longer  but  my list  has  gone from doing small things  in life  like the  i******g to life changing things so its taking a little longer to achieve them.(same for the i******g)

To Do List   
*Learn to  Drive (  theory  taken -passed now have a deadline to  pass before it runs out  so  lessons are in hand and I'm  doing ok  may be a while before test but  I'm loving being behind a wheel and I even have my own little blue bug  whoo hoo !!!!!!)
* Sort wardrobe out ( its in hand  sort of  well  no  its  not    its  one that gets put on the back  burner but I will  get to  it)  
 * Enrol in course at college  ( open day  at the end of the 'month so I'm going to see if I can get on a part-time course to add to my  skills 
* Use my  sewing  machine - ha ha   cant  see that happening I haven't  used it  since  I bought it  but  the  thought is  there
*Finish decorating living room (  that's an ongoing  project and  its coming along slowly)
*Take  time  for  family  and friends( need to do this  more  I  miss  loads)   
*Tackle the  ir****ng (  okay  I will  do some of the mountain  have done a pile today   so pleased with my self ) 
  *Keep tidy( hubby wishes I will  try )  
*Get Healthy (  its an ongoing problem and I will  go for the salad  before the doughnut :)  ) 
* Get Crafting  (at least finish one of the projects well.....I have started .......see my next post haha  I've done  it ....... this week  I've made a card.from my stash ) 


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