Monday, 25 August 2014

Bank holiday and its miserable and soggy

and I feel happy along with it today but not in the mood for crafting today........Oh yes I'm back posting on my journal of life. Its been a very strange year since the last post, still working at varied jobs now and found a love of driving after passing my test.

My  craft journey well that one  has been a chore to get back into and life almost  got me to throw it all away.Losing a loved family member does that I guess and  you start asking yourself whats important in life and I've figured its being happy either with yourself or in life in general.
That is all you can ask for  a happy moment of each day can keep you going in all of life's difficulties.
Be it listening to the rain fall outside and your all snuggled up in bed, a phone call from someone just to say hello, or  a smile from a member of your loving family that you  know just means yep  we're here and its ok. Life is just  about being happy.
So I've spent some fab times with my  friends keeping happy and I've made some cards and found my mojo coming back ever so slowly.
Copics at the ready again with those new images I keep seeing and wanting  and I may post a few more creations in the near future.

Watch this space.