Saturday, 3 September 2016

a cuppa cappuchino ........

 ...................on this miserable Saturday.
The day has been spent catching up on the ironing and washing and other necessary chores a woman has to do before the onset of the new school term.
 Preparations of new uniform and planning for the next few hectic weeks have led to constant neglect of all things crafty.
 Its a shame I know but life gets like that and theres no changing it. Having a positive mind to say I will access it all again keeps me focussed on life and  I do still venture in to the odd craft shop to stroke the lovely textured papers I so like to collect.
 I may sell off some craft collections but my copics are still sacred ground....hehe ...
All things crafty have been much forgotten since partaking a University course.
I'm one year in, a module under my belt,  just another 5 to go.

 I will leave you with imagining my coconut lemongrass scentsy filling your room with bliss.
until next time  
Be Kind to each other